Conditional Fail for Elementor Forms

Conditional Fail

for Elementor Forms

Finally, a simple way to stop that pesky spam you've been getting through your Elementor forms, using the #1 anti-spam plugin on the market that is specific to Elementor forms.

About The Plugin

So, what is a conditional fail?
Essentially, it is a plugin that forces a contact form to fail based on the conditions specified.

This conditional fail plugin allows anyone using the Elementor forms widget to specify certain words and/or key phrases that, if used by the individual filling out the form, will trigger the form to fail.
This results in the contact form failing to reach the inbox of the website owner.


Check out this short video to see exactly how well this plugin works and how it can save you and your clients a ton of frustration

Why Do You Need A Conditional Fail Plugin?


Stop all the form spam so you and your inbox can breathe again.


How many web designers and/or marketers email you every week?
And for you agency owners out there, how many other web designers are using your clients contact form to sell their services?

Make it harder for the competition to take your clients.


You decide what words and phrases you should never be getting through your contact form, so you can take full control of what you do and don't receive

How to Set Up The Conditional Fail for Elementor Plugin

Conditional Fail for Elementor Forms

Stop getting spam through your Elementor form


$ 47
  • Lifetime Access
  • Unlimited number of installations
  • Be free of form spam for you AND your clients
Lifetime Access